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We are creating an opportunity for you to spend some time away without going too far, to focus on your health, fitness & wellness.

Whether it be to disconnect or reconnect...

sometimes, we actually just need to



Situated in St-Denis-de-Brompton, we have chosen the perfect venue for this 2nd Edition of The Reset Retreat!


This experience is one of a kind with it's beautiful location and highly sought out fitness professionals.

Not only is this an all-inclusive weekend, but you get to be in an upscale cottage in the woods giving you the calm of nature.With access to a sauna and calming surroundings, you will reconnect with yourself and others.

We want to bring you a breath of fresh air with new inspiring healthy recipes, snacks and drinks, but also inspire you through challenging workouts and revitalizing yoga and meditation moments. You will also have access to massage therapy and more exclusive benefits for being with us on this RESET weekend.

We are looking forward to offering you the very best in fitness, health and wellness for this entire RESET RETREAT.