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It is with great excitement that we are starting the
PP Mamas Club!! 
A Club that offers an IG page full of facts, tips, knowledge and support, along with its bigger purpose, a walking social group to connect with other powerful women like yourself.



After going to my 6 weeks appointment at the OBGYN, I noticed how much women are not supported through the postpartum journey.

As a pre & postnatal coach & trainer, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the solution to eliminate the taboo around the 4th trimester and the postpartum journey. Too many of us have no idea what comes next and live with lots of anxiety and unanswered questions.

Why is it that we talk to little about what comes after the baby is born...?
It shouldn't be.
Why is it that everything following the birth is a surprise and we get informed with the very minimum.
Why is it that we have only a first appointment at 6 weeks?

We need more support and discussion around all the things, from what happens to your vagine, to how to cope with this totally new life overnight! 

Well, that is why I think we need more safe spaces to be able to open up, relate, share, connect and finally feel understood.
There is no better way than through getting together with other PP Mamas and walk & talk

If you are not in the same city, this is still a group for you as the community we are building will most definitely help and support you through your journey as well.
Our IG page will be sharing lots of facts, tips, information, allll around postpartum.

Just so you know, you are postpartum your entire life as soon as you have a child.
Don't think that because your child is 8yrs-old, that this isn't for you.

Walks will be weekly and will start small but will grow. We most likely will show up in a city near you to reach more and more women.

Walks will show up here on this page, for which you can sign up directly, or on our IG page.

Please share our PPMC to help us with our mission.

We are truly looking forward to exchanging with you and hope to see you on our first walk.

Please Register for as many walks as you want.

No upcoming events at the moment
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